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Helping you make healthy your lifestyle.
Facts, tips, ponderings and more about living healthy.
Living your best life now and long into the future.

Helping you make healthy your lifestyle.
Facts, tips, ponderings and more about living healthy.
Living your best life now and long into the future.
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Diabetes: An Indepth Look with Endocrinologist Dr. Smita Bijlani, M.D.

Diabetes is a serious disease. Almost all of us are genetically pre-disposed to it. It is preventable and for some that have it, reversible. We take an in-depth look at this life-threatening disease.
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Nutrition Labels Revisited: Reading All the Lines

You want to do what is right for your health and labels can be confusing. How do you know if what you are about to put into your body is what you are expecting? Let's take a look at those labels.
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Tell Me a Pancreas Fact

What has a head, a body and a pointy tale? Your pancreas, of course. And you were thinking...? The pancreas is the organ that regulates the amount of glucose in your blood. Damage it and...well...that's not good.
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Being Active. Uh! What's In It for Me?

You've heard all the reasons why you should do this or you should do that. Yah, we get it. But have you really? I mean do you really know why being Active is so important? You may be surprised.
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Two Stretches You Need to Do Every Day

With muscles it's use it or lose it. The same goes for flexibility. Two areas that are most neglected are the focus of these two easy to do full-body stretches. An every day must do.
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Why Resistance Training Helps Prevent Aging

It is known that as we age we lose muscle mass and tone. But why? Is it a diet low in protein or is there some other reason for this aging mystery? And what can you do to stop it?
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Good Carb - Bad Carb

Carbs are absolutely essential to good health, so we can't make them all guilty by association. In fact, it is not carbohydrates in general that are suspect, but instead the type of carbohydrate.
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Fat's Not So Bad

Fats for too long have been seen as the bad guys in the average healthy diet. Although fats are calorie dense they play a very important role in your health.
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Protein: Time to Muscle Up

The ability to build muscle could not happen if not for amino acids in the protein we eat. We can produce 11 on our own. That leaves 9 that we can't. So we must devour them. And devour them we do!
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Sleep: It's So Organic

The movement to organic is not just for food and clothing. Sleep is the one healthy organic thing you can do daily. Your body's circadian rhythm and sleep-awake cycle organically promote it.
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It's In Your Genes or Is It?

Until recently we believed that our health was independent of our genes. We've learned that is not completely true. However, your health may not be in your genes but how your genes behave.
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Why Water Matters

Do you ever stop and think about the amount of water we use everyday within our bodies? Imagine not being able to shed a tear, blow your nose, or swallow food. Water makes all this possible.

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